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As a new addition, you will begin with the rank of 'Recruit'. However, that does not mean that opportunities for participation won't be immediate! New members are very welcome and encouraged to take part in guild events and operations.


These policies contain Membership, Activity, Personal Codes of Conduct, Chat, and Forum Policies. All can be found listed on both our official website and our Forums. A few words that can easily sum up these guidelines are: maturity, respect, integrity, loyalty, and dedication


We desire our members to be dignified and respectful to all others and to themselves.


Just because we have rules, doesn't mean you can't have fun. Fun is encouraged and its why we're here!

About The Army of Light

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Galactic Republic - The Ebon Hawk

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What is The Army of Light?

The Army of Light (AL) is an established guild for the Bioware title, Star Wars: The Old Republic (SW:TOR). It has a light Role-play (RP) atmosphere and focuses on both Player-vs.-Environment (PvE) and Player-vs.Player (PvP) in-game. The AL is open to all regardless of race, origin, belief, culture, religion, political affiliation, age, time zone, country, local area, gender, or experience. However, a strict dedication to the Republic and the guild are required for membership. Our host server in-game is The Ebon Hawk.

The Army of Light is seeking those who are dedicated, mature, and willing to exclusively support the Galactic Republic and the guild. We do not wish to limit potential recruits before the actual application process is complete, there is a major requirement that must be met: maturity. This is a defining characteristics that all AL members must possess as immaturity is not tolerated. The Army of Light is an equal opportunity guild. We do not discriminate based on: Belief | Religion, Political Affiliation, Time Zone | Country | Local Area, Race, Origin, Age 18+, Gender

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Going on 5 Years

SWTOR PvE Progression

Temple of Sacrifice

Currently Progressing 8m HM

The Ravagers

Currently Progressing 8m HM

The Dread Palace

Nightmare Mode

The Dread Fortress

Nightmare Mode

Scum and Villainy

Nightmare Mode

Terror From Beyond

Nightmare Mode

Apply for Membership

Applying for membership into The Army of Light is simple. Please visit our forums and follow the instructions from in the ::Application Form for Membership into The Army of Light:: thread.

Have questions?

Contact Member Services via email at

Contact us in-game on The Ebon Hawk via in-game mail: Ludwig, Jephos, Ard'el

Contact us via our forums: Official Forums

Quick Information

Guild Name and Server: The Army of Light @ The Ebon Hawk (US East)

Guild Leader and Assistant Leaders - Jephos (GM), Ardell (AGM), Ludwig (AGM)

Faction/Focus: The Galactice Republic - PvE Progression Raiding, Light PvP/RP