The Army of Light (AL) is a guild for the BioWare title, Star Wars: The Old Republic (SW:TOR). It has a light role play (RP) atmosphere and focuses primarily on aggressive endgame operational raiding with extracurricular Player-vs.-Player (PvP) activity. The guild was established during the game’s pre-launch period and has existed for approximately seven years. The AL does not discriminate based on race, origin, belief, culture, religion, political affiliation, time zone, country, local area, gender, or experience. However, a strict dedication to the guild is required for membership; individuals should be friendly, mature, respectful, and like-minded.

The AL’s primary server is “The Ebon Hawk”, a US East based RP-PvE server. However, all play styles and all time zoned individuals are welcome, as we are a diverse group and appreciate all aspects of game play. A few of our players are located on “The Harbinger”, a US West Coast PvE server.

To join our community, select the “Apply Now” link on our site’s main menu. You will be instructed through the steps on how to apply.

The guild provides a sanctuary and a home for over 100 citizens of the Republic. Membership makes one a part of one the oldest, most established, and highly respected organizations in the entire SW:TOR community. The popularity of the AL Recruitment Threads on SW:TOR’s official website is unrivaled, as no other guild has had as many replies or votes. In addition to the large support network of experienced administrators and officers that is available 24/7, the AL is hosted on a professionally purchased and maintained web domain that features a professionally maintained web domain, deluxe ad-free forums, private Ventrilo voice server, and an interactive environment.