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[Solved] How to: Posting on these forums & other features  

Ludwig VanCover
Active Member

Hello everyone, 

Just in case you are new to forums or are unfamiliar with how these forums work, hopefully this guide helps guide you in the right direction!


  • To post a new thread, first ensure you are logged in
  • In the category you wish to submit a new thread, click on the "Add Topic" button. If you are logged in and have forum access, the webpage will expand revealing the new thread tool
  • In the new screen, make sure you add a "Topic Title" and then start writing. These forums do not support BBCode, however they do support HTML formatting. You can find a couple of tools below the topic title to help you style your post, such as BOLDING [B] and UNDERLINING [U]
  • To submit your new topic, select "SAVE" at the bottom of the posting window


  • To change your account information, make sure you are logged in first
  • Hover the "My Profile" button in the menu bar and select "Account"
  • On this page, you can change all of your information and set an avatar. The one thing you cannot change on this page is your username. You can change how your name is displayed on the site (the default is your username) however. Your username is what you use to login each time. Your display name is how your name is displayed on the forums and to other members


Posted : 07/02/2017 3:33 pm

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